3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Generative AI Platform

Are you an innovator looking for a way to quickly produce impactful, accurate, and compelling stories? Narratize is here to help.

Kara Uchtman, P.E

Kara Uchtman, P.E

March 30, 2023

Are you an innovator looking for a way to quickly produce impactful, accurate, and compelling stories? Narratize is here to help. This AI-powered storytelling platform is designed to distill your ideas and expertise into stories that stick. With Narratize, you can spark understanding and action and see your scientific, technical, and medical insights in every sentence. Read on to learn more about how Narratize solves challenges in the generative AI marketplace and how it acts as a real co-author to help you craft your story 60x faster.

1. Save Time by Using Generative AI in a Smarter Way

How do you, the innovator trying to save time using AI to help you write, know what to write?

As an innovator, coming up with ideas may be easy, but communicating them in an engaging and effective way may be difficult and time consuming. It's especially challenging when you don't have the necessary time or resources to dedicate to crafting compelling content. You’ve heard about generative AI, so you think, why not try it?

Unfortunately, no existing generative AI platform prompts you to share insights so it can generate accurate, clear, compelling outputs. You’re left guessing what to write to get what you need. ChatGPT is clearly powerful—and Narratize draws on GPT-4 as one of our language models. But ChatGPT won’t give you the right words in the right structure for your purpose. In fact, The Atlantic says  “Any responses [ChatGPT] generates are likely to be shallow and lacking in depth and insight.”

Fortunately, Narratize is here to help. Narratize isn’t just about generating words. Narratize produces accurate, compelling long-form content by prompting innovators like you to input the right insights and information. Through Narratize’s unique prompting, you provide key details about what you want to tell - questions you may not have thought to ask yourself. These are tried-and-true questions designed specifically for certain topics or situations that can help spark ideas for narrative elements and capture all relevant information from every angle. This allows  you to think in a new way - expanding the impact of your idea - and allows Narratize to distill this information into relevant content that make up the story in a fraction of the time it would take for you to write it yourself.  With Narratize’s innovative prompting feature at your fingertips alongside tips on how to best utilize it effectively, producing powerful stories has never been easier!

2. Get Accurate AI Generated Content

How do you get the most accurate output from generative AI software?

We know that time isn’t the only important factor when generating content. As an innovator, being accurate and correct is critical. OpenAI shares in its recent GPT-4 Technical Report, “Despite its capabilities, GPT-4 has similar limitations as earlier GPT models. Most importantly, it still is not fully reliable (it “hallucinates'' facts and makes reasoning errors).”

 That’s why Narratize’s AI learning model is built on a unique training dataset of proven story algorithms specific to scientific, tech, and medical industries. Developed through 10+ years of working alongside 80+ innovative brands and organization, Narratize’s proprietary proven corporate story patterns, narrative algorithms, voice and tone guidance, and templates led to Narratize’s guardrails that take GPT-4  to a differentiated level. Our AI engine was trained on 30+ scientifically proven corporate storytelling algorithms with industry-specific voice and style outputs. Narratize doesn’t guess what good looks like. Our epic examples enrich the AI-generated stories. With Narratize, users don’t have to worry about losing accuracy or detail, as complex topics are distilled into clear stories without sacrificing any information.

Saved Time ✔ Accurate Content ✔ Enjoyed the process?

3. Use Generative AI to Think… Not Just Write

How do you infuse original, unique ideas into your AI-generated content?

A genuine concern for all of us who are excited about all that generative AI has to offer is the strange feeling that it’s replacing you—not just as a writer, but also, and more eerily, as a thinker. [.link]Forbes Business Council[.link] released a statement that:

“[W]riting is a shortcut to rapid-prototype a new idea. That flash of insight sounds great in your head, but what happens when you try to commit it to paper? Writing forces a higher level of precision, consideration of broader impacts and attention to overlooked obstacles — or opportunities — that can affirm, modify, discard or enhance the idea.”

Narratize is the only generative AI tool that acts as a real co-author for innovators looking to do the thinking work that writing makes possible . It gives you the feel of an expert writing assistant pulling insights from you to craft your story 60x faster. The intuitive user interface is designed to allow you to easily navigate through automated workflows, ensuring a smooth and efficient writing and thinking process. Additionally, our AI-powered engine provides expert writing assistant-like features such as summarize, simplify, identify the core value proposition, and express the BLUF (bottom line up front) to help you articulate your ideas effectively for various audiences.

In short, Narratize is the only generative AI tool on the market that acts like a real co-author by transforming  your unique insights into words—saving you time and money while maintaining the thinking work of writing so you achieve high levels of accuracy in your content. With Narratize's intuitive UI and powerful AI engine, busy innovators no longer need to worry about crafting impactful stories - you can now trust Narratize to do it alongside you!

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