Underrepresented Founders Will Make AI More Inclusive, Innovative

If you're looking for generative AI platforms that take diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously, you might be inspired by the story of Katie Taylor and Abran Maldonado.

Katie Trauth Taylor

Katie Trauth Taylor

June 28, 2023

If you're looking for generative AI platforms that take diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously, you might be inspired by the story of Katie Taylor and Abran Maldonado. Both underrepresented in the tech industry – she's female and he's Black/Brown – they used their unique skill sets and combined creativity to bring  [.link]Narratize[.link] to life. Keep reading if you want to find out more about how these two underrepresented innovators are creating a powerful movement around storytelling.

Artificial intelligence as a movement has faced significant criticism for lack of diversity in its foundational training data. Historically trained by white, male development teams, AI language models have been criticized in research studies like this one reported in  [.link]Forbes [.link] and this one in  [.link]The Guardian[.link] for inadvertently propagating discrimination and bias. The AI Now Institute of New York University found that [.link]80% of AI professors are men[.link] and less than 25% of PhD degrees go to women or minorities. Maintaining [.link]diverse data sets[.link] and lifting up diverse founders and leaders to build AI technologies are two critical ways we can revolutionize model bias. “Diversity will be crucial to support ethical and transparent AI from diverse perspectives,” says [.link]Techopedia[.link], “to make sure the data used to train AI is diverse and to ensure we have a handle on how these tools will change our lives.” 

Katie Taylor and Abran Maldonado are two underrepresented founders challenging the status quo. Taylor is a female founder determined to level the playing field for innovators everywhere. For over a decade, as the founder and scaler of her first company, Untold Content, she has been at the forefront of leveraging the power of storytelling within the innovation landscape. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by innovators in communicating complex ideas, Taylor created Narratize, the generative AI co-author that helps busy professionals in scientific, medical, and technical industries quickly bring their works to life by providing them with a wealth of resources such as story prompts, templates, content transformations, and more. To help her build out the technical backbone for Narratize, Taylor collaborated with Maldonado, an expert in generative AI technologies.

Maldonado runs Create Labs, which creates cutting edge technology solutions for businesses looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI). As both a Black/Brown innovator and an AI expert, he brings unique perspectives to address some of today’s most pressing challenges around diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. He created the world’s first Afro-Latina artificial intelligence in history, named [.link]C.L.Ai.R.A.[.link] He believes strongly that increasing representation at decision-making levels can only be achieved if people from historically excluded communities have access to the resources they need to create breakthrough products that make meaningful impacts on society.

By combining their expertise and representing underrepresented groups in the field, Taylor and Maldonado are revolutionizing the way innovators communicate their ideas and shaping the future of AI. Their shared vision is to provide innovators with a powerful tool that pulls their insights from their minds and translates them onto the page in a way that is clear, creative, and compelling. Narratize aims to make insights in science, technology, and medicine accessible to all, enhancing the thinking and writing skills of innovators while fostering improved understanding and engagement among their target audience. By infusing storytelling techniques with the assistance of AI, Narratize will enable innovators to achieve message-market fit, increase market adoption, and spark clear decision-making among internal stakeholders.

Narratize is a tool to help underrepresented people get their ideas out. With the help of Narratize, underrepresented individuals can break through the barriers of communication and have their voices heard. By using Narratize as an AI co-authoring tool, developers and engineers can craft stories that capture the essence of what they want to convey without getting bogged down in technical jargon or overly complex language. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, it enables everyone to participate in the innovation process in meaningful ways that are not limited by language or cultural barriers. It also helps ensure that everyone's voice is represented in discussions around innovation.

Taylor and Maldonado understand that there is still much work to be done when it comes to increasing diversity within tech. Gender and racial disparities extend beyond the field of AI and into the world of fundraising too, where [.link]female-led startups received only 2% of venture capital in 2022[.link] and Black founders received [.link]0.43% of the $43 billion[.link] deployed in Q3 of 2022. This lack of diversity in decision-making has created an inequitable playing field for those who come from marginalized backgrounds – especially when it comes to getting their ideas heard, products to market, and investments from venture capitalists.

Maldonado and Taylor believe strongly in using technology as a tool for positive change—something which both Narratize and Create Labs are striving towards with each product launch and update they make. By working together, they hope to empower more underrepresented individuals within the tech industry through their own unique perspectives on how technology can be used for good; creating powerful stories rooted in truth that will inspire generations of innovators going forward no matter where or who they come from.

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