Introducing Narratize, AI-Powered Storytelling for Busy Innovators

We started with a simple question: “How can we help innovators better communicate their complex ideas?”

Katie Trauth Taylor

Katie Trauth Taylor

March 28, 2023

A Welcome from Our CEO

We started with a simple question:  “How can we help innovators better communicate their complex ideas?”

The life of an innovator is perilous. Pitfalls are everywhere—from the risk of an idea getting shelved because it wasn’t well told, to the challenge of having enough time to come up with high-value ideas in the first place. After working for over a decade with innovators, scientists, developers, technologists—and the leaders who support their new product developments—our expert team recognized one obvious observation:

Innovators must constantly fight to have their ideas heard, funded, and amplified. The work of innovation is hard enough. Add to it the struggle of having to also be an amazing writer and communicator, and the job can sometimes feel impossible.

Most brands don’t understand the amount of opportunity loss attributed to this challenge. Managers and leaders hear complex and confusing presentations from innovators, and if they can’t see the impact and business case clearly, the idea gets shelved or rejected. Innovators have to constantly go back to the drawing board, rewrite their pitches, and try again. 30% of the innovator’s work week is spent on writing and hearing innovation stories. Brands are spending millions of dollars on this work—often without realizing it. And it’s slowing down innovation.

But on the upside:  When an innovation story works… When customers and stakeholders “get it” and envision the potential and impact… Everyone wins.

Working with incredibly innovative brands like NASA, Boeing, Dupont, Hershey, and Unilever over the last decade, our team saw how ideas are brought to life through stories.

The line between an idea and the way it’s articulated is so thin. It’s often through the process of writing and communicating that an idea becomes a reality. That’s why we’re obsessed with storytelling and the way it can speed up the future.

With speed in mind, our team harnessed the power of generative artificial intelligence and trained a unique AI knowledge base filled with story frameworks, patterns, and algorithms proven to work for garnering buy-in and understanding of complex concepts in science, tech, and medicine.

Introducing NarratizeTM, the AI-powered storytelling  platform for busy innovators.

Everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises can use Narratize to transform scientific, technical, and medical insights into compelling content that accelerates time-to-market using proven story patterns and the power of AI. Watch content magically appear from your ideas in minutes—instead of weeks.

Global enterprises use NarratizeTM to distill breakthroughs into impactful, accurate, compelling stories.

Inside the platform, innovators across product, R&D, tech, marketing and commercial can generate compelling, clear innovation stories in minutes instead of hours and weeks. Pitches. Articles. Executive summaries. Benefits and value propositions. And soon reports, press releases of the future, and more.

NarratizeTM was concepted alongside 100+ global leaders in marketing, product, research & development, tech, and innovation. Working alongside enterprise customers to accelerate their innovation storytelling, our team ideated a dynamic platform combining our proprietary storytelling algorithms, frameworks, and datasets and the best technology has to offer.

I’m so honored to lead the team powering NarratizeTM. It’s definitely worth a moment to share who we are:  I’m [.link]Katie Trauth Taylor[.link], co-founder and CEO of Narratize AI and [.link]Untold Content[.link]. My co-founder, [.link]Catherine O’Shea[.link] and I have been working together for over a decade in the innovation storytelling space. Our Chief Product Officer, [.link]Kara Uchtman[.link], is a two-time former Untold Content client—we worked together while she was at an early-stage biotech company and we were a key partner in developing investor-facing materials that led to Qntfy’s successful acquisition by SonderMind in 2021. [.link]Michele Chambers[.link] is our fractional Chief Marketing Officer and has led marketing at high-growth tech startups as well as inside the Fortune 500. Her depth and breadth of experience is deeply valued by our team. [.link]Abran Maldonado[.link] is our fractional Chief Technology Officer, the co-founder of Create Labs, a GPT AI developer, and one of eight official OpenAI Ambassadors. Abran is a mission and values-driven tech leader whose creativity and knowledge in the AI landscape is an incredible asset.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to Narratize.

I can’t wait to see the future we create together with the power of AI to draw out and bring to life your unique and revolutionary ideas.

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Distill your breakthroughs into impactful, accurate, compelling stories.