Narratize Accepted into NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program

Narratize has been accepted into NVIDIA’s Inception Accelerator Program. Because bold ideas need fuel to grow and glow.

Kate Greulich

Kate Greulich

April 24, 2024

Team Narratize is delighted to announce that we have been accepted into NVIDIA’s Inception Accelerator Program, a free program designed to help startups evolve faster through cutting-edge technology, opportunities to connect with venture capitalists, and access to the latest technical resources from NVIDIA. 

“This is an incredibly validating moment for our team” says Chief Product Officer, Kara Uchtman, P.E., “Our experience has been marked by exciting challenges, including one of the most quickly evolving technologies and markets in history. Our partnership with NVIDIA will help us scale our hosted RAG capabilities and LLM training to achieve even higher accuracy rates for our customers.” 

Our team is grateful to our investors, champions, and team members for seeing our bold vision and bringing it to life. Since the start of 2024, we have:

  • Recruited a seasoned and diverse engineering, data science, and narrative science product team
  • Started building DEI best practices into our data architecture, ensuring our uses are always safe, equitable, secure, and human-centric
  • Launched the world’s first generative AI white paper builder
  • Welcomed new enterprise customers across science, tech, and medical industries
  • Traveled the world sharing insight and inspiration on GenAI transformation

This spring, Narratize is bringing 20+ new use cases to Narratize’s Core Product Library as well as new features designed to streamline communications and collaboration among product, R&D, and marketing teams.  

Accelerating Innovation Through the Power of Story

Narratize combines the power of narrative science with cutting-edge generative AI technology to ensure that no great idea is left untold. From optimizing research & development processes to scaling product launch, Narratize empowers brands with transformative ideas to unleash their full potential. 

Our generative AI co-author distills the most complex scientific, technical, and medical insights into content that convinces across the innovation cycle–from discovery to launch through improvement. Powered by our patent-pending Human-led AI methodology, Narratize delivers superior accuracy and quality for customers in high-reliability industries. 

Narratize was born through the work of our sister company, Untold Content, which for the last decade has empowered innovative companies and organizations worldwide with strategic storytelling services. 

Our team has always believed that innovation is not just a concept, but a process that requires consistent and compelling communication to succeed. And we noticed a problem - the impact of effective, accurate communication on innovation success was consistently overlooked. Brilliant ideas were being lost or delayed because they weren't being told with impact. 

We decided to tackle this problem head-on. We conducted extensive cross-industry research, including over a hundred interviews with innovation leaders in Fortune 1000 and global brands. We published our findings in peer-reviewed journals like Research-Technology Management, highlighting the gap between innovation and storytelling. 

What we learned: storytelling is an art and a science, and within innovation contexts, there are specific narrative patterns and frameworks that resonate. Storytelling delivers real ROI through improved organizational alignment, increased productivity and collaboration, and improved sales and lead generation. Storytelling is a critical piece of the innovation management puzzle.

We are proud to have brought these insights to companies across science, tech, and medical industries, working with exciting brands in digital health, aerospace, and consumer packaged goods. But we realized that a consultant-led approach limited the impact that innovation storytelling could have on the industries we served. How could we get best-in-class communication skills and tools into the hands of every innovator? 

In the midst of this work, we began to imagine what could be possible for innovation storytelling as a generative AI-enabled innovation. And so, the seed of Narratize was planted. 

Our vision? 

A world amplified by bold ideas. 

Narratize is the evolution of our work at Untold Content. Narratize is not just a new name; it represents a new approach to innovation storytelling. Our goal is to put the power of narrative science in the hands of every innovator - because world-changing ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. 

As early adopters of AI, we piloted programs at prestigious organizations like NASA, Boeing, and the UN World Food Forum, gaining valuable insights and experiences. For the past year, we've been fully focused on enhancing and scaling our AI capabilities, building a solution that delivers a scalable, usable AI to writing and communications work within the world’s most innovative enterprises. 

Narratize is built to deliver accuracy, always – and we are continuing to build the state of the art in generative AI accuracy through advancements in data architecture, model training, and prompting.  

And we also continue to discover and document narrative algorithms, charting them like constellations in the night sky and mapping them to AI workflows, so that every author in our platform can access innovation storytelling best practices in their day to day work. 

Narrative is a product of human ingenuity – storytelling is a technology that has brought the best of human endeavor and imagination to light. At Narratize, we are in awe of the stories that humans tell. We wake up on fire every day, motivated to solve the communication barriers that slow down innovation across enterprises. As we sprint through a huge year for the GenAI industry, we are keeping this mission – to revolutionize how innovative work is communicated and done – at the heart of everything we do. 

Narratize brings together computer science, data science, and narrative science expertise to develop AI in a uniquely human, story-led way. You’re invited to experience the magic yourself: try Narratize’s Core Product Library free for 14 days.  

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