Shipping White Papers is Hard. Narratize Just Made it Easier.

Narratize launched the world's first AI white paper builder to empower marketers to create an accurate, compelling technical or scientific white paper at a fraction of the time and expense.

Katie Trauth Taylor

Katie Trauth Taylor

March 13, 2024

Big news from Narratize: we launched the world’s first white paper use case, now live in the Narratize product library. 

With critical research and SME insights in hand, content marketers can now use our Human-Led AITM methodology to create a 2,500 word scientific or technical white paper in a fraction of the time: our team has successfully generated full, accurate drafts in under two hours, as opposed to a 15-20 hour scope usually assigned to this work.

That’s a 90% savings on time spent writing (not inclusive of editing and research). 

The Narratize White Paper Use Case empowers marketing, product, and innovation teams to create this high-value use case at a fraction of the time and expense. The use case features:

  • Human-led AI methodology that draws subject matter expertise and tacit knowledge from users, infusing each sentence with key insights and ensuring authors own copyright.
  • Narrative algorithms that are proven to spark buy-in for innovative products, ideas, processes, and methodologies.
  • Accurate outputs that infuse user insights shine into every sentence – and thus help ensure that human authors retain copyright over co-authored content.
  • PhD-level experts driving development, with over a decade of experience crafting mission-critical white papers for fast-growth startups and Fortune 1000 brands.

Want to peek under the hood? Read on to learn more about our best practices for co-authoring white papers in Narratize. We will also share our tips for getting a co-authored white paper from drafted to done. 


White Papers: Difficult, Critical, and Expensive Content Assets

White papers are ubiquitous across industries as critical content pieces that convince and convert key stakeholders. The best white papers inform, persuade, and captivate with engaging storytelling, clear translation of complex material, and rigorous research. Because white papers are technical and high-stakes, they can often take months for a content team to bring to life. They are also extremely expensive to outsource: a white paper can cost between $15k-$30k, depending on complexity and industry. 

Our team has written and designed dozens white papers for fast growth start-ups and enterprises over the years, on topics ranging from computer vision technologies to chemical engineering innovations to business management thought leadership and beyond. We know first-hand how difficult it can be for marketers to get smart fast on technical topics - and for SMEs to explain their research in ways that marketers can translate and storytell. We saw a need to give marketers a tool that could help bridge this gap while economizing the writing and revising process. 

Many generative AI solutions are simply not suited for the task. Trying to figure out the right prompts to begin generating a document of this complexity can take almost as long as writing a white paper without a tool. And if the quality of the output is low, those are lost hours in any case–because only A+ white papers drive business value

How It Works: Narratize White Paper Use Case 

When writers co-author with Narratize, they are never left grasping in the dark for the right words – or the right prompts – to get started. 

Our user interface leads authors through a series of expert-written questions that capture the right information for the writing task at hand. Narratize prompts users to provide key insights, context, and background research to substantiate their ideas. A critical time-saver: SMEs don’t need to spend time simplifying technical language or focusing incessantly on clarity and word choice. Nor must marketers arduously translate SME interview notes for lay audiences. Simply talk to Narratize like you would talk to a colleague. Our prompting does the rest of the work for you. 

One user recently put it this way: “Working inside Narratize is like sitting down with a brilliant coworker who happens to have the full evidence-base of your industry at their fingertips, and also knows exactly the best ways to wordsmith and communicate your ideas. It honors my expertise, but somehow knows the right way to translate them for everyone I need to talk to.”

It’s literally as simple as answering questions in your own words and clicking “Generate.” 

How to Get The Most from this Use Case

Like any co-author, human or machine, Narratize is particularly fast when users know the intent and purpose of their white paper in advance and have completed validating primary research and credibility-building secondary research. The use case will specifically ask for researched insights, which it will use in building, organizing, and substantiating your white paper’s narrative. Check our guide to A+ white papers for more best practices for shipping white papers fast—it lays out how to align on the purpose for your white paper across sales, marketing, and product teams, how best to interview SMEs, and helpful tips for collecting and working with impactful secondary resources. 

If you aren’t clear on what kind of research you need, it can be generative to start answering Narratize prompts anyway  -  and the process of answering can help you understand proof points more clearly. You can also skip questions, or answer in bullet points or phrases. Don’t stare at a blank screen - use Narratize to get your team thinking, collaborating, and producing. 

Finally, we know that white papers are often hero content that anchors a content campaign. In Narratize, users can transform white paper outputs into a thought-leadership style article, social media posts, and simplified or value-focused summaries to circulate via nurture emails. 

The Narratize White Paper use case reflects our dedication to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation success in their respective industries. We are thrilled about the possibilities that this achievement opens up for optimizing more high-value, highly-technical use cases for enterprises everywhere. To see this use case in action, schedule a demo with a member of our team today. 

Read the Associated Press press release announcing the launch!

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