The Innovator's Guide to Generative AI Writing Software

In this guide, we'll take a look at what generative AI writing software is and how it can benefit innovators in scientific, medical, and technical industries.

Katie Trauth Taylor

Katie Trauth Taylor

July 21, 2022

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Innovators looking to stay ahead of market disruptions need to use the latest and greatest tools to innovate. Many don’t realize that innovators spend 30% of their work week writing—pitches, presentations, articles, read-aheads, and reports—all aimed to communicating their ideas and insights. To share ideas and insights successfully, strong writing and communication is critical. We call that work “innovation storytelling.” And it’s finally come to the world of generative AI writing software.

In this guide, we'll take a look at what generative AI writing software is and how it can benefit innovators in scientific, medical, and technical industries. We’ll answer all your questions about ChatGPT for scientists, technologists, and medical innovators. Plus we’ll introduce you to Narratize, one of the leading writing assistants on the market today designed specifically to support the writing and communications needs of professionals fueling innovative brands.

So if you're ready to learn how generative AI writing software can help you get ahead as an innovator, read on!


What is Generative AI Writing Software? What is ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) writing software is a type of AI software that is designed to generate text and save users time. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating social media, product descriptions, blogs, ads, and even product names. Most generative AI writing software solutions are powered by large language models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which are trained on massive sets of language data to generate text that reflects the style, tone, and structure of its training data. OpenAI launched GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in 2020, and by late 2022, they launched ChatGPT—an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that simulates a dialogue between humans and AI. You prompt it, and ChatGPT outputs realistic and natural-sounding dialogue.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

The Atlantic has criticized ChatGPT for being [.link]“dumber than you think”[.link] because the text it produces is often vague and inaccurate. Getting to a good output is totally dependent on the user coming up with the right questions to ask. ChatGPT is not incredibly useful to scientists, technologists, coders, developers, product leaders, or marketers within scientific and technical industries because it:

  • Often produces inaccurate text
  • Doesn’t provide a path for incorporating human insights
  • Isn’t trained to produce content that tells a compelling story
  • Doesn’t create actual documents or narratives
  • Isn’t a reliable writing assistant solution for professionals in scientific, technical, and medical industries

Who benefits from using AI writing software?

Generative AI writing software like [.link]Narratize[.link] help users generate content with the power of large language model artificial intelligence. Most AI writing software solutions on the market today only generate content for marketing and sales professionals.

Narratize is the only generative AI writing software designed to meet the writing and communications demands of professionals in technical, scientific, and medical industries. Narratize pulls users’ insights and ideas and transforms them into clear, compelling, and accurate documents and narratives that spark clarity, alignment, and buy-in for technical, scientific, and medical information, initiatives, innovations, and ideas. It’s an ambitious undertaking to design generative AI for complex content, but our team of PhD-level corporate content strategists and innovation storytellers at Narratize and Untold Content are making this magic happen.

Why Should Innovators Use Generative AI Writing Software?

Benefits of AI Writing Software for Innovators

It can be demoralizing to generate epic innovation ideas, only to have them ignored or shelved because they weren’t well told. Clear, compelling stories are proven to increase influence and help innovators get buy-in from non-technical decision-makers. But under high-pressure, innovation-driven work environments, it’s hard for innovators to spend precious time painstakingly writing pitches, read-aheads, and report outs.

AI writing solutions like Narratize create value for innovators in several ways:

Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Coders, and Innovation Managers

  • Quickly write pitches, executive summaries, and reports to get buy-in, resources, and funding for innovative new products and initiatives
  • Easily create compelling and memorable innovation stories that demonstrate impact of innovation initiatives and projects
  • Generate ideas and organize insights into impactful stories
  • Communicate innovative ideas clearly and concisely
  • Avoid painful writing process and writers blocks by guiding innovator with prompts that comply with industry and/or company standards
  • Gain time to spend on expert superpowers
  • Elevate professional visibility and status
  • Articulate ideas clearly so stakeholders understand and evaluate faster

Leaders in Innovation, Technology, and Research & Development

  • Speed time to market for innovative products by empowering innovators to pitch ideas more clearly and compellingly
  • Eliminate missed opportunities due to ambiguity or lack of clarity in innovators’ pitches and reports
  • Cut down decision delays due ambiguity from dense communications on complex ideas
  • Spark collaboration between product, R&D, and marketing teams with compelling innovation stories
  • Build a bridge between the experts and the marketers in your organization
  • Get the bottom line without wading through vast technical information
  • Generate thought leadership grounded in your unique insights to increase professional visibility

Marketing and Content Teams in Scientific, Technical, and Medical Industries

  • Produce more content, faster and with more accuracy with minimal effort
  • Batch and scale technical content creation
  • Reduce costs on the expertise and time-consuming process of producing technical content
  • Pull insights from subject matter experts, leaders, and stakeholders to produce accurate product marketing and thought leadership content
  • Stop misunderstandings and time-consuming rework of content due to ambiguity or lack of clarity on difficult subject matter
  • Create content that is easier to understand and focused on audience insights
  • Write more creatively and produce content from multiple perspectives
  • Maximize your time by producing multiple content types seamlessly
  • Generate a product marketing library in weeks instead of months

Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs in Science, Tech, and Digital Health

  • Write a solid investor pitch draft in minutes
  • Watch ideas come to life as they are funded and supported
  • Storytelling prompts help you think through key messages and insights
  • Generate a company or product marketing asset library in weeks instead of months
  • Increase thought leadership for your founders and senior executives
Across all of these different types of innovators, AI writing software can help users do two critical things:
  • Convey complex ideas simply so that multiple audiences understand easily
  • Produce large volumes of technically accurate content with minimal effort

Top AI ChatGPT Writing Software for Innovators

Innovation is key to the success of any business, and the ability to generate new ideas is a critical skill for any professional. However, generating new ideas is only half the battle – turning those ideas into reality is where the real challenge lies. And that's where AI writing software can help.

Narratize is the AI-Powered Storytelling Platform where innovators create high-impact stories in 20 minutes or less. With Narratize, everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises can transform scientific, technical, and medical insights into compelling content that accelerates time-to-market using proven story patterns. With the power of AI, Narratize users—from technology, consumer packaged goods, chemical and aerospace—organize their best ideas, generate impactful narratives, and adapt content into different formats to gain visibility, understanding and buy-in.

Distill your breakthroughs into impactful, accurate, compelling stories.