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Narratize Launch Press Release

Narratize, a unique AI-powered innovation storytelling platform, has been launched.

Kara Uchtman, P.E

Kara Uchtman, P.E

April 12, 2023

Narratize, a unique AI-powered innovation storytelling platform, has been launched to help innovators effectively and efficiently transform scientific, technical, and medical insights into compelling stories that accelerate time to market. The platform, founded by Katie Taylor, PhD, and Catherine O’Shea, M.A., was created in response to the need for improved communication tools for innovators.

“We asked ‘How can we better support innovators as they communicate their ideas, projects, prototypes, successes, and failures?’” said Taylor. “In over 100+ customer discovery sessions with global innovation leaders we heard ‘tech enabled processes’ to distill breakthroughs into impactful, accurate, compelling stories. We ideated a dynamic platform combining our proprietary algorithms, frameworks, and datasets and the best technology has to offer. The result - Narratize - is our generative AI platform that helps busy innovators to connect, communicate, and innovate through the power of story.”

With this platform, users can generate accurate, compelling long-form B2B content in minutes, see scientific, tech, or medical insights appear in every sentence, and gain up to 60x ROI on time spent writing.

The platform also offers unlimited access to a growing use case library and industry-specific styles, as well as the ability to create stories that stick with proven corporate story patterns.

Narratize is now available for innovators to purchase with a 7-day free trial. For more information about Narratize, please visit [.link][.link].


Narratize was established in March 2022 to help innovators unlock their creative potential by using technology to improve their innovation storytelling. Narratize believes that innovation is key to success in today's rapidly changing business landscape, and that by providing a platform that harnesses the best in AI technology, they can help users achieve their innovation goals more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

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Distill your breakthroughs into impactful, accurate, compelling stories.