Nurture and Accelerate Innovation

Keep innovation thriving with clear, accurate communication.

Narratize empowers innovators to learn, experiment, and share their ideas

Innovate more, faster, and better — and streamline every step.

Every employee can meaningfully contribute to innovation - if they feel empowered to learn, experiment, and share their knowledge. Provide every team with one platform that makes it easy to develop and launch their ideas. Explore how Narratize’s innovation management solutions can help discover the next innovation that will keep your enterprise ahead of disruption — and bring it to market at unprecedented speed.

Innovate More

Discover the next best brainwave

Never let another groundbreaking idea slip through the cracks. Capture and activate new innovations with a dynamic platform that brings visibility to every incredible idea. Write everything from pitches to concept notes, user stories to feasibility reports, and more.

Narratize captures new innovations and ideas
10x your marketing hero content with Narratize
Innovate Faster

Accelerate the stage-gate process

Co-author with Narratize to create communications that fly through review processes and put cross-functional teams and stakeholders on the same page. Seek and collect stories from customers and open innovation partners to inform product decision making. Develop differentiated messaging that resonates with customers from the start. Do it all in one platform, with use cases process-mapped to the innovation-to-commercialization lifecycle.

Innovate Better

Cut through communication barriers

No more grasping in the dark for words or data points – Narratize pinpoints the vital insights your team needs to develop, launch, and iterate at scale. Deliver crisp technical content with AI-enabled communication tools built for innovation workflows. Help SME insights shine, with templates that prompt for the right information at the right moment. Infuse content with technical details and user stories that always clarify, convince, and convert.

Capture insights that fuel campaigns with Narratize
Product teams craft accurate, story-led, on-brand content
Storytelling for Innovation Success

Nourish a thriving innovation culture

Embolden every employee to share their ideas with easy-to-use templates that put their knowledge in the best possible light. Create innovation storytelling rituals that socialize experimentation and normalize brilliant failures across the enterprise. Produce, publish, and circulate innovation stories to transfer tacit knowledge. Grow a lively innovation culture that consistently engages and inspires employees to see themselves as contributors to the innovation roadmap.


Have questions? We have answers.

What use cases can I find for innovators in Narratize?

Innovations functions will find a range of use cases in Narratize that are specific to their work, including innovation pitches and pitch variations, value propositions, problem and solution statements, and innovation stories, to name a few. We are adding use cases that serve innovation professionals to Narratize every day.

Can I create custom use cases?

Enterprise teams can create custom use cases. Our narrative scientists will guide your team through a use case ideation session to understand your business, your workflows, and your deliverable, then prepare a brief that details every technical piece of your custom solution. Once you approve it, we build it – and you’ll see a custom tile in your enterprise Product Library. 

What’s the ROI of Narratize for my team?

We measure ROI in three ways: value on time spent writing, number of ideas that get activated within an enterprise, and increased funding for innovations. When extended to marketing and communications, we also measure ROI based on increased leads and conversions for content co-author with Narratize.

Can I use Narratize as a university researcher, startup, or non-profit?

Yes! Teams and Individuals can sign up for Narratize for $89/mo/user. Pay with a card, and add as many team members as you need. You’ll get access to Narratize’s core Product Library with access to templates and collaboration features that make communicating  scientific, technical and medical innovations fast and easy. Cancel anytime. 

How do you encourage more employees to innovate? How do you keep them innovating?

Developing more intrapreneurs – or, employees who can dream up feasible innovations for operationalization and commercialization within the existing business model – is a significant goal of every innovation function. When companies have more self-identified innovators, they see more and better innovations in their roadmaps. Doing so requires a deep-seeded innovation culture that fosters innovation-supporting behaviors all the time, not just at the outset of a new initiative. Start by inviting every employee to share ideas consistently, and provide venues, rituals, guidelines, and feedback loops for idea sharing. Why does it work? Our research shows that when employees narrate their ideas to others, they are more likely to see the potential in their innovation and feel emboldened as an innovator. More innovators = more innovative ideas.

What is innovation storytelling?

Innovation storytelling is the art and science of communicating strategic narratives and personal stories about new product developments, systems improvements, and groundbreaking new thinking. How can storytelling build innovation cultures? When companies engage in innovation storytelling at the cultural level, innovation teams flourish. Our research shows that innovation teams that practice storytelling enjoy improved alignment on innovation initiatives, improved collaboration, and increased sales and leads, to name a few.

What are some common pitfalls in innovation communication?

Communication is a cornerstone of innovation management – innovators spend up to 30% of their time writing and communicating throughout the stage gate process. But less than half of them feel they are doing that work effectively and efficiently. Why? A lack of resources, time, skills, and support from leadership. That’s one reason why Narratize also offers Innovation Storytelling Training™ in the Era of GenAI. Innovators will gain confidence in communication, tools and resources to do it better and faster, and a stronger baseline knowledge of GenAI as an emerging technology to boot. Contact Sales to learn more.

How can GenAI boost innovation culture?

GenAI is seeing rising adoption across industries and functions – and bearing out real results. There are a number of use cases for generative AI across innovation teams, particularly around culture-building. GenAI designed for innovators can help accelerate and support idea development, idea sharing, internal communication with leadership, product, marketing, and sales, decision making, and roadmap planning. Explore Night Sky x Narratize – your source of information and guidance for all things GenAI transformation and innovation – to learn more.