Radically Accelerate Product Development

Transform how product teams write, collaborate, and launch.

Narratize AI for Good - Responsible AI for Innovators

Write everything your product team needs to succeed.

From the seed of an idea through product-market fit, communication fuels product development. With best in class accuracy and quality, Narratize is a flexible, scalable solution that helps product teams write and communicate end-to-end. Capture, test, and launch new products and features faster than ever before, with use cases that keep your teams aligned and focused on what’s most important: your customers.

Optimize Communication

Accurate, technical templates for product development

Never let communication become the reason for a bottleneck again. Keep your team humming with clear, precise pitches, technical requirements documents, user stories, epics, reports, project plans, and more. Produce it all 60x faster than manual writing workflows.

Writing templates for the entire product development cycle
Narratize knowledge base helps users learn faster and better
Rapid Experimentation

Leverage knowledge to learn faster and better

Make test-and-learn mindsets second nature across your teams, with all of the knowledge they need to iterate at their fingertips. Collect user stories and consumer insights, then circulate in real time. Explore and deploy any knowledge base – tacit, enterprise, peer-reviewed – in-app, then synthesize in-text with one-click. And keep it safe with enterprise-grade security features that keeps your data – your business – in the right hands.

Research and Collaborate Across Functions

Communicate and coordinate with every team and partner

It takes many hands to create products customers love. Bring cross-functional teams, co-development partners, and open innovation contributors together with collaboration solutions that ensure everyone understands the product vision. Then empower them to impact it, by communicating their ingenious contributions with all of the dynamism those ideas deserve.

Narratize empowers teams to coordinate and communicate effectively
Narratize seamlessly integrates with your teams' workflows
Custom Templates for Your Product

Workflows that support your strategy

Sustaining? Breakthrough? Disruptive? Whatever the product innovation vision, you need workflows to support it. We’ll work with you to create custom communication workflows and use cases for any initiative on your roadmap - so that every team has the processes and solutions they need to make that vision a reality.


Have questions? We have answers.

What kind of use cases can I find in Narratize?

We are bringing use cases and features that serve product professionals to our Product Library every day! Our favorite: the product requirements document. Connect every small detail to the product vision in up to 3,000 words. While you're there, try out the user stories, project plans, status reports, and after action review templates to keep your team aligned and focused on your customers.

Can I create custom use cases?

Enterprise teams can create custom use cases. Our narrative scientists will guide your team through a use case ideation session to understand your business, your workflows, and your deliverable, then prepare a brief that details every technical piece of your custom solution. Once you approve it, we build it – and you’ll see a custom tile in your enterprise Product Library.

How does Narratize work with knowledge?

Narratize will help you explore papers and suggest citations, ensuring that everything you co-author is responding to the cutting edge of your field. We call into the databases most used by enterprises in science, technology, and medicine to bring open-access insights to your research teams in-app.

What’s the ROI of Narratize for my team?

We measure ROI in three ways: value on time spent writing, number of ideas that get activated within an enterprise, and increased funding for innovations. When extended to marketing and communications, we also measure ROI based on increased leads and conversions for content co-authored with Narratize.

How does Narratize support adoption?

Product professionals spend up to 30% of their time writing and communicating throughout the development process. But less than half of us feel like we’re doing that work effectively and efficiently. Why? A lack of resources, time, skills, and support. 

That’s one reason why Narratize also offers GenAI for Innovators Training. Innovators will gain confidence in communication, tools and resources to do it better and faster, and a stronger baseline knowledge of GenAI as an emerging technology to boot. Contact Sales to learn more.

Can I use Narratize as a startup, non-profit, university or individual?

Yes! Teams and Individuals can sign up for Narratize for $89/mo/user. Pay with a card, and add as many team members as you need. You’ll get access to Narratize’s core Product Library with access to templates and collaboration features that make communicating scientific, technical and medical research fast and easy. Cancel anytime.