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Accelerate speed to market with the AI that prompts you.

Narratize AI for Good - Responsible AI for Innovators

Reduce time to market for new products and discoveries with Narratize for R&D.

R&D professionals are the brains behind the business. Accelerate R&D workflows with the platform that makes it easy to communicate scientific, technical, and medical insights – from the lab bench to the C-suite to the customer, and beyond.

Optimize Communication

Go from Report to Presentation
60X Faster

Hyper-speed competitive advantage and spark immediate adoption by empowering your R&D teams to quickly write and design accurate, compelling artifacts across every R&D workflow.

Writing templates for the entire research and development cycle
Achieve belief for research and development initiatives
Increase Visibility

Achieve Belief for R&D Initiatives

Engage every function and leader, every time by transforming technical insights into impactful narratives.  Break out of silos, grow interest and understanding across the business, and keep findings from R&D top of mind in every conversation. Then collaborate with ease with marketing, IP, ops, leadership, and more. 

Archive Specialists' Knowledge

Leverage tacit knowledge —today and tomorrow

Every time an R&D luminary leaves your organization, a library burns. Keep learning from the insights of your subject matter experts with AI-enabled knowledge management features that inspire, document, and build upon your teams' best ideas for generations to come.

Narratize empowers teams to coordinate and communicate effectively
Narratize seamlessly integrates with your teams' workflows
Stay at the Cutting Edge

Accurate, credible research at your fingertips

See the forest and the trees. Ask Narratize any research question and immediately generate literature reviews and evidence tables from peer-reviewed and grey literature. Then infuse your artifacts with citations built upon domain and industry knowledge. And keep proprietary research safe and secure, with enterprise-grade security features and built-in governance.


Have questions? We have answers.

What kind of use cases can I find in Narratize?

R&D teams will find a range of use cases in Narratize that are specific to their work, including innovation presentations, project plans, status updates and reports, to name a few. We are adding use cases that serve R&D professionals to Narratize every day. 

Can I create custom use cases?

Enterprise teams can create custom use cases. Our narrative scientists will guide your team through a use case ideation session to understand your business, your workflows, and your deliverable, then prepare a brief that details every technical piece of your custom solution. Once you approve it, we build it – and you’ll see a custom tile in your enterprise Product Library.

How does Narratize work with knowledge?

Narratize will help you explore papers and suggest citations, ensuring that everything you co-author is responding to the cutting edge of your field. We call into the databases most used by enterprises in science, technology, and medicine to bring open-access insights to your research teams in-app.

What’s the ROI of Narratize for my team?

We measure ROI in three ways: value on time spent writing, number of ideas that get activated within an enterprise, and increased funding for innovations. When extended to marketing and communications, we also measure ROI based on increased leads and conversions for content co-authored with Narratize.

How can GenAI boost innovation culture?

GenAI is seeing rising adoption across industries and functions – and bearing out real results. Narratize’s enterprise customers are leveraging our GenAI technologies to accelerate and support idea development, idea sharing, internal communication and decision making/roadmap planning, and external brand storytelling. 

Explore Night Sky x Narratize – your source of information and guidance for all things related to GenAI for Innovators – to learn more. 

Can I use Narratize as a startup, non-profit, university or individual?

Yes! Teams and Individuals can sign up for Narratize for $89/mo/user. Pay with a card and add as many team members as you need. You’ll get access to Narratize’s core Product Library with access to templates and collaboration features that make communicating scientific, technical and medical research fast and easy. Cancel anytime.