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Learn more about how Narratize is combining narrative science with cutting-edge generative AI technology to accelerate innovation.

Alicia Surrao

Alicia Surrao

March 8, 2024

About Narratize

Narratize combines the power of narrative science with cutting-edge generative AI technology to ensure that no great idea is left untold. 

From optimizing research & development processes to scaling product launch, Narratize empowers brands with transformative ideas to unleash their full potential. Our generative AI co-author distills the most complex scientific, technical, and medical insights into content that convinces across the innovation cycle–from discovery to launch through improvement. 

Narratize bridges the gap between R&D, Product, Innovation, and Marketing teams through intuitive collaboration features and all of the use cases organizations need to capture, propel, and scale their boldest, most brilliant ideas. Powered by our patent-pending Human-led AI methodology, Narratize delivers superior accuracy and quality for customers in high-reliability industries. 

Narratize was founded in April 2023 by Catherine O’Shea, Kara Uchtman, P.E., and Katie Trauth Taylor, Ph.D.  

Key milestones, press releases, and media coverage:

  • September 2023 - Acquired sister company, Untold Content, growing its team to 10 employees
  • December 2023 - Closed $2M Seed Round, lead by Kubera Venture Capital and HearstLab, with participation from Cintrifuse Capital, Keyhorse Capital, North Coast Ventures, and How Women Invest.
  • March 2024 -  Narratize featured in FoundHER: The Pitch Lab, produced by A&E. 


What is Narratize?

Narratize is the generative AI co-author purpose-built for innovative enterprises. Designed by Ph.D.-level scientific and technical writers and data scientists, Narratize distills complex scientific, technical, and medical insights into content that convinces across the innovation cycle–from discovery to launch through improvement. Narratize specializes in use cases that clarify the complicated to drive impact—Narratize features more technical, long-form use cases than any other genAI solution on the market. 

How does it work?

Our patent-pending Human-Led AI methodology captures and preserves users’ insights to ensure accuracy and ownership of AI generated outputs. User inputs are mapped to proprietary narrative algorithms proven to convince and convert for innovative ideas, research, products, and systems. The result: clear, compelling communications that drive buy-in and adoption. The Narratize platform is designed to be used effectively from the start. Users are never left grasping in the dark for the right prompts to move their deliverables forward. Working with Narratize is like working with a seasoned science and technical comms consultant - through a series of questions and multiple-step AI workflows, the platform pulls and maps user insights into corporate narrative patterns and frameworks.    

How do we work with customers?

Narratize users get access to a growing product library of use cases mapped to communication workflows across the innovation cycle. Product, R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Executive teams can all use Narratize. Custom use cases are process-mapped to organizational workflows to ensure usability and adoption from day one.   

How does Narratize approach data security?

At Narratize, we know that it’s not just bits and bytes—it’s your ideas, your insights, your business. We take an uncompromising approach to data security and privacy. Our stance:

  • Nothing authored with Narratize will ever be used to train a large language model. 
  • Role-based access controls keep sensitive information in the right hands.
  • Customer data encrypted at rest and in transit. 
  • Built with AICPA Trust Services Principles - we continually evolve in accordance with industry best practices. 
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. 

What is narrative science? 

Narrative science is the study of how narratives drive impact with audiences. Rooted in the interdisciplinary field of narrative studies, which brings together scientists and humanists of many stripes, narrative science focuses on understanding how different narrative algorithms, patterns, and frameworks impact audiences’ understanding of concepts and ideas. At Narratize, we have published extensively on innovation storytelling: the art and science of communicating strategic narratives and personal stories about new product developments, systems improvements, and groundbreaking new thinking. You can read our peer-reviewed research on the impact of storytelling on innovation success HERE

What will Narratize do next? 

In March 2024, Narratize is releasing over 20 use cases into the product library to serve our customers across R&D, Product, Marketing, and Sales teams. Narratize is currently pursuing SOCII, HIPPA, and GRDP compliance certifications.


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