Bring Bold Ideas to Life 60X Faster

Technical marketing solutions for innovative products.

Narratize AI for Good - Responsible AI for Innovators

Market technical products at scale with speed, accuracy, and a whole lot of magic.

The best B2B content marketing leverages insights through high quality thought leadership – and then 10x that content to grow your brand across channels. That’s exactly what we built Narratize to do.

Optimize Content Creation

Exceptional hero content, fast

Narratize delivers value on your most value-driving use cases – high-effort, high-reward hero content.  From thought leadership articles to market-validating white papers to sales-critical slide decks and informative, persuasive reports, marketers can get to a first draft of these demanding pieces 60x faster than with manual writing workflows. Draft, edit, research, and collaborate all within Narratize, your co-author from start to finish.

Narratize is 60X faster than manual writing
10x your marketing hero content with Narratize
10x Your Content

Target and transform for all of your channels with one click

Every marketer wants to make more happen with great content. With Narratize, you can 10x hero content for distribution throughout your channels – turn guides and white papers into blogs, social posts, emails, and copy with the click of a button. Then hit the mark with any audience with Multi-Audience Targeting - a feature that makes it easy to transform and style text anytime you need to communicate with more than one someone.  

Research and Collaborate Across Functions

Capture the insights that fuel campaigns

Enterprises are brimming with incredible ideas, original research, and moving storylines across every function. That’s the magic behind exceptional B2B content marketing. Use Narratize to find, develop, and validate those insights with collaboration and research tools that bridge the gap between marketing, R&D, and product teams. Transform those insights into evidence-based, story-driven collateral for every part of the funnel. Then watch as your enterprise achieves message-market fit for new products at record pace.

Capture insights that fuel campaigns with Narratize
Product teams craft accurate, story-led, on-brand content
No Prompt Engineering Required

Craft evidence-rich, story-led, on-brand content

High-performing content is smarter than most: it demonstrates technical savvy, answers critical questions, and inspires readers with moving narratives – and it does it all while adhering to the brand. Narratize helps with every step.

Curate SME insights, customer and user stories, stakeholder perspectives. Validate key claims and offer new proof points with in-app citation suggestions and peer-reviewed research capabilities. Activate writers’ know-how in every project. Then effortlessly align deliverables with brand messaging and style guidelines. The best part? No prompt engineering required.


Have questions? We have answers.

What use cases can I find in the Narratize Marketing Suite?

We started by tackling the most technical, long-form, value-driving deliverables in B2B marketing workflows – thought leadership articles, white papers and guides, slide decks, industry trends reports, and bespoke research reports. Our goal? To make writing these difficult, high-effort deliverables much, much easier and faster.

But great content only works when it moves. You can also transform any piece of hero content into social posts, emails, blog articles, newsletter features, and ad copy with the click of a button. Then document, communicate, and manage the entire plan with creative briefs and project management use cases that make working together a breeze. 

Can I create custom use cases?

Enterprise teams can create custom use cases. Our narrative scientists will guide your team through a use case ideation session to understand your business, your workflows, and your deliverable, then prepare a brief that details every technical piece of your custom solution. Once you approve it, we build it – and you’ll see a custom tile in your enterprise Product Library. 

Can Narratize work with my brand guidelines?

Yes! Narratize can work with enterprise marketing teams to create AI guardrails in adherence to your brand guidelines. Then watch every writer execute the brand with fluency and ease.  

Why does Narratize focus on B2B marketing?

It’s what we know best! Narratize is built by B2B marketers, for B2B marketers. Our team has led strategic content campaigns for fast-growth startups and enterprise brands across science, technology, and medicine for over a decade. Read our origin story. 

Can I use Narratize as a freelance marketer, or marketer at a small team, startup, or non-profit?

Yes! Teams and Individuals can sign up for Narratize for $89/mo/user. Pay with a card, and add as many team members as you need. You’ll get access to Narratize’s core Product Library with access to templates and collaboration features that make marketing scientific, technical and medical research fast and easy. Cancel anytime. 

What is innovation storytelling?

Innovation storytelling is the art and science of communicating innovation storytelling is the art and science of communicating strategic narratives and personal stories about new product developments, systems improvements, and groundbreaking new thinking.

What’s the ROI of Narratize for my team?

Our enterprise customers track a 60X value on time spent writing. Transform a $40k consulting expense on white papers into a 2 hour or less workflow among your content teams. Distill one press release into dozens of geographically nuanced variations for your field comms teams, all within minutes. What bold ideas will you tell with all the time you’ve saved?