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Welcome to the trusted GenAI coauthor for innovators. Because no worthy idea should be left untold.
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The Go-to-Market Catalyst for Busy Innovators

Sparking innovation ain't easy. Communicating your innovative products and discoveries with technical accuracy and impact just got easier with Narratize.

Create market-ready pitches, proposals, concept notes, product requirements guides, impact statements, white papers, presentations, articles, press releases, social media and thought leadership — in 20 minutes or less. Never let a groundbreaking idea or insight go untold again.
Why Narratize?

Communicate Your Impact

Get the AI coauthor trusted by innovators at global enterprises—now available to innovators everywhere! With Narratize, you and your teams can create impactful communications and go to market materials that spark buy-in, adoption, and understanding for even the most complex concepts. This is the platform where bold ideas get told.

Communicate your impact with the generative AI for innovators at global enterprises
Reverse prompting TM asks users questions

Who said GenAI had to be designed as a chatbot?

Narratize’s AI asks you questions to help you think through your bold ideas. Then it seamlessly creates every deliverable you need to go from the seed of an idea through to nailing the narrative in the marketplace. No prompt engineering required. So you can innovate more than ever.

Be Heard and Make Change

8X Your Buy-In

Too many innovations lack buy-in simply because they aren’t well told. We’re here to change that. Our team of data scientists and narrative scientists have spent decades unpacking how science, tech, and medical innovation is best communicated. Then we trained Narratize to recognize those story patterns and help you bring your boldest concepts to life. The results? 83% of innovators at the United Nations got buy-in with Narratize.

Increase buy in for your innovative ideas with Narratize
Less time writing, more time innovating with Narratize
Think Better, Innovate Better

Less Time Writing, More Time Innovating

Whether you’re writing a pitch, proposal, product requirements guide, or thought leadership content, Narratize knows what questions to ask you to infuse your best thinking into the deliverables and artifacts you create. No prompt engineering required.


How Bold Ideas Get Told

Words Make Worlds

And we can't wait to change the world with you.
Tell your next bold idea with Narratize — and start making change today.  


Have questions? We have answers.

Why should I try Narratize?

Innovators around the world use Narratize to write and design every communication touchpoint they need to convey bold ideas. In 20 minutes or less, you can write a 10+ page white paper, collect insights and stories from contributors, build full literature reviews and evidence tables, and publish evidence-based, story-infused content to your target audiences.

Who can sign up?

From product marketers to brand communicators, researchers to engineers, Narratize users get unparalleled value. Create long-form proposals and narratives in 20 minutes or less, then transform them into presentation decks, social media, and more. You can sign up as an individual and then add team members to collaborate on deliverables together.

Can I purchase one seat to Narratize? Can I add team members?

Yes, you can sign up as an individual. Plus you can add team members. Collaboration, unlocked!

How do I share my bold ideas with the world?

Inside Narratize, you can create presentations, pitches, talking points, proposals, white papers, social media and so much more. The AI prompts you, helps you think through your products and projects, then generates full campaign content or product-based deliverables. Get that traction!

How much does Narratize cost?

Our Teams and Individuals subscription is designed for every innovator, from academia to nonprofits to startups and armchair experts. The monthly subscription costs $89 per user, per month. You can start with a free trial today! 

If you intend to use Narratize to drive social and environmental impact, consider joining our AI for Good initiative, a selective group of Teams and Individuals who are innovating for change. We'll amplify your work and unlock discounts for innovators within your network. Contact us to learn more.

Can I customize Narratize templates?

Narratize’s enterprise customers can customize the platform. If you are a large organization ready to streamline writing, research, and communications workflows across R&D, product, engineering, operations, MarComms, and business development, we are designed for you. Schedule a demo today.

Still have questions? Talk to our team.

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